Reflections: Four

This week I chose to further build on the topic of online identity theft. Whilst I can acknowledge that there are other and perhaps more severe forms of identity theft (for example of banking or other personal details,) I wanted to focus more on the theft of identity in the form of a persona. In choosing which online ethical issue to discuss, I knew that I wanted to focus more on the psychological reasons and motives (again, purpose) behind the act, and I wanted to make people think more perhaps about the reasons why certain things happen.

In reading other posts I learned a lot about several different ethical issues in depth and thought about some concepts that I hadn’t before. Hannah’s post about the digital divide was particularly good in pointing the reader towards the social and educational disadvantages that come with the digital divide, for example the impacts it can have on a students grades, something I had never previously thought about. It was also good in referencing the digital divide internationally also (for example developing countries in Africa do not have the same standard of communication and technology.) She referenced that 94% of recruiters utilise online platforms such as LinkedIn, and anyone without this access could be at a disadvantage. I did argue, however, that different cultures have different relative techniques, and being African myself I see that these processes often work well, so an online site LinkedIn may not always be the best and most effective form of networking for all people in all places. (A point I have carried since week 2 when I was reminded that cultural influences also play a big part in the way that the world works.)

Also, Nicole’s post on ‘why privacy matters’ was also interesting in that it put into perspective the influence of social media over employment more practically. She used the statistic that 61% of job reconsiderations were actually negative when recruiters checked a candidates social media. This definitely made me think more about how I may present myself online or how my online persona may look to an employer and how I may make more of a conscious effort going forward, however in reference to privacy, I questioned the link between wanting to keep things private or locked (in reference to the Greenwald Ted Talk) and social media, and whether or not she was arguing that people going forward will keep their social media platforms locked and therefore out of the sight of potential employers and therefore out of the way of their prospective futures.

Overall,this week gave everyone the creative freedom to dig deeper into some of the more personal, socio-economic, historical and cultural motives behind a lot of the issues surrounding the internet. This is probably the week that I not only learned the most but the week that I UNDERSTOOD the most, because it is one thing to know what an issue is, but it is another to understand exactly how and why it occurs.



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