Reflections: Three

This week’s topic was different from the previous ones; I was able to engage with real life instances in which digital personas really shape and affect many aspects of an individuals life, other than just their online one. Davina made an interesting point about our online profiles being like our ‘social CV,’ and she made me think more about consistency throughout online profiles, however it led me to question whether this means an individual should remain professional across all platforms. An individual should have the liberty of creating a channel about baking even if their profession is banking, but I wonder if this creates inconsistency.

I decided to take a practical step-by-step approach to the task of instructing someone on how to make their online profiles authentic. I broke the process into 3 steps; avoiding controversy, remembering to show personality or passion, and being creative, and many other posts picked up on blogging as a new and untapped way of marketing yourself, which ironically, I didn’t think of straight away. It was interesting to read other posts and to see the interpretations everyone had; some personal, some more professional. Tobie’s post used particularly relevant social occurrences as a metaphor for the importance of good and authentic marketing of yourself, and how it isn’t always about experience (i.e. Trump.)

Several other posts referenced the Justine Sacco Case, and it was used a prime example as to why individuals must be increasingly diligent when creating their online profiles. A comment made on my blog suggested that people are still unaware of the implications of their online actions, however it is clear that many people are starting to realise the impact these choices have. I referenced a comment that was made on the Justine Sacco blog post itself showing an individual who made the conscious effort to be more careful about what she posts, even going to the extent of deleting her Facebook in knowledge of what the wrong joke/comment or post can do.

In all, it is evident through reading several other posts and referencing my own,  tha creating any authentic profile revolves around 3 major themes; originality, (blogging as a new way of promoting yourself is new and different,) professionalism, (remaining appropriate where necessary,) and lastly staying proactive; always updating information, interacting online and networking, and always staying relevant.


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