Reflections: One.


The idea of ‘Digital Resident and Visitors’ has been a familiar concept to me. An example I used in my blog post about my parents points to a more everyday display of the differences that different generations may have, however on perhaps a more reflective level I often find myself engaging in conversation with others about the way that the technological world is developing, and whether or not it will leave our generation as the ‘immigrants.’ It was interesting to see people’s interactions with the topic and some of the illustrations made. Arthur’s continued metaphor of technology as a ‘property ladder’ on which certain people were residents and others visitors was particularly creative.

My blog received quite positive feedback; I was pleased that people were able to pick up on my sense of humour, found my post engaging, entertaining and could identify well with some of the illustrations and personal references I used. I touched on how the two distinctions between ‘resident’ and ‘visitor’ are too extreme in categorising individuals into polar opposite groups, however a pointer that was given to me that I have now had time to think more about is where and how people may fall in between this spectrum. Gus’ point about socio-economic reasons as to why people may not always fit cleanly into one box for example was a surprisingly practical but interesting way in which to look at the concept that many others may not have picked up on.

In my blog I touched on another factor that could determine any individuals position on the ‘digital spectrum;’ purpose of use. This was a concept Kevin also nicely summed up in his blog claiming that instead of using one’s age to determine technological aptitude, ones ‘interaction with technology’ is be a better way in which to categorise individuals.


Overall, upon reflection of the topic as a whole, my own work and the work of others I have developed my knowledge of the concept. Just by reading and analysing different people’s arguments and interpretations, I have learned and discovered new and creative ideas about the digital age, and what it means for different groups of the people living in it.


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