First Post: Welcome!

Welcome to my very first blog post!

I’m Davs and I’m currently studying a degree in Politics and Economics (frankly because from a young age i’ve been nosy and wanted to know everything.) The two disciplines as a
degree to me are summed up as ‘how the world works.’ Economics is essentially all about Money (or the flow of it at least,) and we all know that money talks. It ‘makes the world go round’ some might say, but without civilisation, governance and the study of relationships between humans, it can’t talk or communicate at all, and thats where Politics comes in. It’s great for learning and understanding the world as we see it; why it is the way it is, where it came from, and where it’s going.

It’s also been apparent from a young age however, that my interests are much broader and lie in various other areas ; I have a  Youtube Channel that I started this year, as well as interests in Creative Writing and Literature, Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture, Food, Music, Films, and Philosophy which I hope to cover all of on this blog.

Not only is this blog a personal representation of myself but it is also part of a module I’m studying on ‘Living and Working on the Web.’ As someone who is already interested in Media with a channel of my own (and an admittedly obsessive dedication to social media,) I knew this module would be perfect for me. It is my chance to take two things that I have loved deeply (writing and the internet) and fuse them to create a site that is an expression of who I am and the journey that I am on.

Not only can I develop my blogging skills, I can take the opportunity to challenge myself in learning a new skill (blogging) that is in tune with the technological advances the world is rapidly making.

The world we live in is slowly becoming a ‘digital world’ and I’m all for it.


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